Astragal Bars

An astragal bar is an industry term for a glazing bar that is applied to a piece of glass to give the impression of smaller pieces of glass. Astragal bars are aesthetic replications of the original narrow glazing bars, but give much better thermal performance.

Cill Extension

A cill extension extends the outside of the window to overhang the brickwork and provides a drip to stop water running down the wall. Windows are either fitted onto a separate stone cill or require a cill extension to provide this function.

Cill Side Extension

A cill side extension extends past the side of the frame. This is a common feature in many properties and allows original windows to be replaced without needing to make good any brickwork.

Fully Finished

Fully finished refers to each window being supplied, fully painted, glazed and ready for installation. Many carpenters and joiners just supply windows without glass or paint leaving it to the owner or builder to glaze and paint when the window has been fitted. This practice is troublesome as it is usually done with substandard materials in substandard conditions. All of our windows are supplied as fully finished

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